Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nebraska 2009

My family and I were able to spend time in Nebraska this summer over the 4th of July. This was the first time my whole family has been there together for many years. It was great to be able to spend time together as a family!

The 4th of July in Seward is a huge event filled with lots of activity. I don't think we had a moment to rest the whole weekend-- talk about busy!! :) It was lots of fun! Andrew coming home was the cherry on top of a perfect weekend!! 

One of the highlights was the Foundations of Freedom Musical put on by The Wissmann's and their friends and Church family. It was incredible! They did a wonderful job putting it all together. The songs, the story, the costumes... everything was amazing!!

The forecast for the weekend was rain, rain, and more rain. God is SO good and He held off the rain during each performance of the Musical. They were able to preform the show both times at the outside bandshell! The day of the 4th was overcast all day, it sprinkled a bit through out the day, which made it cold! I would have never thought I would be cold on the 4th of July, but numerous times through out the day, I found myself wanting a sweatshirt. 
Alaythia and I at the performance of the Musical on the 4th.

I even got to walk in the Parade! :) Dan, Bethany, Andrew and I were recruited (volunteered) to hold the banner and walk in the parade in front of the float for the Musical.

We ended the night by going down to the park to watch the fireworks! 
The rest of the week was spent at the farm, walking beans, playing volleyball in the evening with the Wissmann's and shopping. Andrew had to go back to South Carolina on the 5th. His time home was much too short, but it was SO wonderful that he was able to be around for the weekend. :) My parents and my brother went home on the 6th, and my cousin Katie and I stayed the next week and came back to Florida on the 10th. 

Twice, I was able to get out into the fields and walk the beans. Believe it or not, I kinda find it fun! Maybe that's because soy bean fields and corn are a rare sight for me, or because I haven't done it much... who knows! :) I did come home with some pretty good blisters though! 

Beans forever! :)

I love Nebraska! :)