Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go Big Red

Did you know there is a limit to how many pictures you can upload to a blog?? Well there is... and apparently I am at that limit. So if any of you have suggestions about what to do about this, pleaseeee enlighten me. So now you know why I have been silent for the past 2 months. 
I managed to get 3 little pictures uploaded.. after trying multiple times over the past few weeks, for some reason it decided it would let me this time. psh who know's. Again... I am open to suggestions, advice or any little tid bits of info you'd like to give me. 
In other news...For my birthday, Andrew took me to my first husker home game! I'm a big football fan, so it was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday.
A fun time was had by all. I mean, how could you not have fun?? I don't even remember the score, but the huskers won... a whole lot, to very little. It was such a fun birthday surprise!

Life has been so very busy-- irrigation season has gone later than planned because of this unusually warm November and December weather we've been having. So Andrew's schedule has been very full, and I have been working a couple days a week as well. We are looking forward to heading south in a couple weeks for Christmas. I hope you are all having a wonderfully, blessed Christmas season! :)