Saturday, June 12, 2010


A high light of my child hood was going crabbing on the beach every night while we were on vacation. Andrew heard me talk about how much fun we used to have and said that he wanted to try it someday! So while he was here this past week, we went to the beach and stayed until it got dark so he could go crabbing.

Here's how it works....
  • You wait until it starts to get dark, then you go out on the beach with a flash light, net and bucket.
  • You have one person use the flash light as a spot light and the other with the net.
  • The person with the flash light scans the beach for the little monsters.
  • When one is spotted, the person with the net chases after it and tries to catch it. I should mention that they are extremely quick and change directions often. :)
  • The person with the net slams the net down onto the sand, trapping the crab underneath the net.
  • Then someone picks it up while it is still in the net and puts it in the bucket.....And then you repeat the process
We did not have a bucket along so we didn't get to keep any of the crabs Andrew caught. (I don't know that many of them made it through the slamming of the net onto the sand haha) But he did a great job at catching them! He even got pinched and we had a lot of fun! :)

Little Crab waiting by it's hole
His First crab
The Mighty Hunter with his first catch!