Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picnic in the Park! :)

Every couple months the mom's of the senior class put together a senior luncheon for us! They decorate a room with a theme and make lots of yummy food for us! Today the theme was Picnic in the Park! We eat together and have lots of fun playing games and taking pictures! Our time together is getting shorter and shorter each day. Excatly 4 months from today is the day we graduate :( It is going by so fast...

My Friend Allison and I

The Senior Girls :)

All of the crazy Boys in my class!!! :)

Class of '07!!!


Megan said...

WOW!! You have a huge class!!!! Of course, my class consisted of only me and one of my best friends :) Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog!

Kori said...

That's funny! You are the first person that has ever said I have a huge class! We have the smallest class in the school! Everyone is always telling us how small we are:) But I guess when you only have 2 people in your class, 49 seems really big! :)

Anonymous said...

Why are the guys growling? They are so wierd!!! haha