Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures from State

We Won today 65 to 30 so that means we're going to the State Championship Game!!!! :)
I've taken about 100 pictures and videos in the 1 day that we were gone, so I'll just tell you about it through pictures! We had so much fun in just 1 night, seriously I could post about 20 pictures that all have funny stories behind them, but I'll spare you and only post a few:)

Wednesday when we got to school the halls had been decorated with streamers and pictures and posters! They've never done that before so it was really neat.

This was my favorite poster :)

It says 'Lakeland' but the E and the A kind of starting to fall off.

We left school at 12:30 and got on the bus to go down to Lakeland. We practiced at Lakeland Christian and then went out to eat at Carrabba's. (Thanks to our gracious booster club!)

This is one of those funny stories (which probably won't be near as funny to you:) but... Our Athletic director ordered us Calamari for an appatizer because most of us had never tried it and he said that we had to try it. Well when it came out some of them still had the little 'tentacles' and you could see them through the fried outside. So BB refused to try it and so Tierra stuck it in front of her face and so I took a picture! (it was kind of planned) :)

Coming back from dinner Alexa decided to try and be funny. So she layed under the seats and slid under to the big group in the back and kept tickling BB's leg with a piece of paper. All of a sudden BB stands up and says 'There are bugs in here!' All of us up in the front of the bus knew what Alexa was doing so we just laughed, but they never saw her. So she moved on to another girl and when she felt it she said 'Yeah B! There are bugs in here! I can feel them on my legs!' We all just laughed when they finally saw that it was Alexa! :)

Taylor finally figured it out!!!

This morning we got up and went to breakfast before we headed to the Lakeland Center.

T and I walking back to the locker room before the game! I was kind of excited and cut half of her off... Oopps!!!

Krystal and I--She's going to Duke! :) :) :)

We had 5 buses of students from the high school come to the game and there were also alot of students from middle school and lower school, too that rode with their parents. Plus there were family members, friends, and just people who wanted to come and watch us! I think this year was the most people we've ever had come! It was great!

During the game before ours some of our fans came to say hi to us!

I took this during the game before ours! There were more people than this during our game!
After the game there was a press conference that Krystal, Lex, Erin, and I had to go too. That was fun, I'd never been to one before and it was really fun!

Krystal, Me, Erin and Lex waiting outside until the other team was done.

Well that's all I have for now, but STAYED TUNED because I'll be posting more after Saturday!
Saturday's game is at 12 against North Florida Christian, who we played last year in the final.
We are going back up to Lakeland tomorrow for Erin's shooting competetion. She was 4 for 5 today in the game, and she hit all 4 of her 3's all in a row in the 1st 4 minutes!


Anonymous said...

Good Job today koko!!! Congrats! Ill be there sat! Sweet pictures haha look like fun... All i have to say is ewww Alexa haha

Rachel said...

Yeah!!!! We were cheering for ya'll from up here in Georgia -- and we're working as hard as we can to get well in time to be there for the big game on Saturday!