Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Honeymoon

After our fairy tale wedding day, we set off on our first adventure together, to the beautiful island of St. Lucia for a wonderful week in the sun! I cannot say enough amazing things about our honeymoon, it was the most beautiful place I have ever been--pictures just don't do it justice. 

We had to leave leave our hotel at 4:30 am to drive down to Miami to catch our flight. We were so excited to leave, so the early morning didn't seem to phase us. :)
Hello, crystal blue water! :)
The main pool at our Hotel. You can walk right in from the pavillion restaurant if you'd like. The Pavillion was kind of the main restaurant, they had a buffet at each meal time.
The beach

Our First day, there was a mini market around the pool. Vendors from the island brought handmade items in to sell. It was really neat.
There were several fun beach activities we could do, sailing included.

Each night they had something going on in a little court yard by the pool. The first night was just a little cocktail party before dinner began at all the restaurants.

Catching the Sunset...and a kiss before dinner. :)

One day we took a boat around the island and went snorkling. Andrew had never been before so it was fun to teach him. We had SO much fun and the water was absolutely beautiful! We saw lots of tropical fish and got a really bad sun burn! 
Chillin' on the boat.
The resort had lots of daily activities and games for guests to participate in. Andrew really hit it off with this guy, named Ricky. He was the events coordinator at the resort and he liked to rope Andrew into doing everything, on the talent show night he wanted Andrew to go up on stage and do push-ups for his talent! And one day he got BOTH of us haggled into a couples pool relay. He was a funny guy.
Andrew's favorite thing he got pulled into was the 100 yard dash on the beach--which he won by a long shot. :)
We did lots of swimming, and lots of laying by the pool and lots of EATING! I could seriously do an entire post on the amazing food! Our resort was all inclusive, so we could go eat anytime we wanted as many times as we wanted--and believe me, we took full advantage of that! There was always food somewhere to eat at one of the restaurants and it was all SO good! 
 As part of the breakfast buffet they had an omelet and pancakes station.--This is Kirton. He made our breakfast every morning. He got to know us pretty well because Andrew would visit him several times at breakfast and he always ordered a HUGE omelet. And several pancakes. We were very entertained by him, and I think he was pretty entertained by us, too! lol

They had a open flame pizza kitchen that had pizza all day long. So if we ever wanted a little snack, we could always go grab some pizza! 

Each night we got to dress up and go out to dinner. It was fun after a day on the beach to get to dress up nice and go out to a nice dinner with my new hubby. :)
Before Eating dinner at Neptunes-- as Restaurant that was open air and right on the beach. Talk about incredible! 

The resort had so 7 different restaurants that were open for dinner at night, and as a bonus we could take a shuttle to one of the 2 other Sandals Resorts on the Island and enjoy one of there restaurants! Which, we only did once, because the restaurants at our resort were so good! They had places that served food from many different cultures, French, Japanese, Irish, Italian, and Mediterranean. Every place was unique and incredible delicious. It was so fun to be able to go into a restaurant and order a 4 course meal and walk out without having to worry about the price. {I'm weird and took pictures of all of our meals because they were so incredible! And pretty! I won't bore you with too many} :)
Neptunes-- Mahi Mahi with fruit salsa. SO good! 
 Our "blackanese" chef at the Japanese restaurant, Kimono's--Japanese food with some island twists, like grilled pineapple. It was SO good! 

As if the crystal blue water wasn't beautiful enough, watching the sunsets were even more beautiful! Our room had a great view and we loved watching the sunset each night. Sunsets are one of God's greatest creations! 
We made some amazing memories on our honeymoon, and look forward to making more as we start our new life together! Anyone looking for a great honeymoon spot or vacation, I highly recommend St. Lucia! :) 


Anonymous said...

wow sounds beautiful!!!!

I LOVE the picture of you two underwater, that is so cute!!!

MeMoRy(: said...

That water picture IS too cute!! Loved all the pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us! This brings back Jamaica memories. lol. Please keep us posted(:

Rachel W said...

Love, love, love!!!

Was that already over 5 months ago?! ;) You two are simply adorable!

CJ said...

Great post...lovely to see that you two had a wonderful start to your new life together.

Now that you have settled in, you should update us (blog readers) on your new adventures as a married couple, living together, your new home, decorating your new home, and what keeps you guys busy now-a-days.


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Kori-thank you SO much for posting!! It is so sweet to hear that you are having a blessed marriage together so far-the Lord is so good and faithful. It is so neat to have godly examples to look to. I'm not quite at that age, but I greatly look forward to how the Lord, if it is His will, will bring the perfect man for me into my life in His perfect timing & way! His way is perfect and it is so true in your story. We loved reading your story together as a family on a trip-thank you! :) Anyway, loved hearing about your delightful honeymoon trip to St. Lucia! What a BEAUTIFUL place!! Everything is so blue and colorful and sparkly and amazing! The photos of you two are adorable, especially the one underwater. :) I love all of your pretty dresses, too. :) What a beautiful trip & place! Blessings and may the Lord bless you two as you continue this season of your life together.

With Joy in Christ,
P.S. Post soon, if you have time, okay? [smile] But I completely understand if you don't have time. :)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

P.S. Sorry for SUCH a long comment, Kori! Hope you don't mind... :) -Elizabeth

Victoria Rose said...

Finally! Thank you so much for posting pics of your honeymoon! I know you don't even know me but I feel like I know you two, I've read so much on your blog, Beth's, and the Wissman family blog. So glad you had a beautiful honeymoon. God bless you both!


Talitha said...

Wow, amazing pictures! Looks like you had a fantastic honeymoon. I'll travel to St. Lucia in my dreams... :)

Thanks for sharing!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Sandals is a wonderful place. When you have children, Beaches is the way to go. Same company but geared towards family.

Your pictures are wonderful. Best wishes for a happy life ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

Cool underwater pic. I could never get myself to go underwater like that -let alone smile and get my mouth full of water. How'd you manage that Kori?