Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The most precious baby boy

Meet Ryder. The most adorable baby boy in the world, and the first grandchild in the Knuth family. A couple of weeks ago I got to spend a whole week with him and my cousin Kelley in Orlando. It was too short, but I'm so glad I got to spend that time with them. My camera hardly ever stopped clicking, he just looked so cute ALL the time! :)

 Harley Man
 Ryder and Great-Uncle Brad {My Dad}

 While I was there, he learned to sit up all by himself. It was so neat to watch him learn to support himself and learn what he could and couldn't do while he was sitting up.

Bath Time! 
 We took him to a pumpkin patch one day to try and get some pictures. Have you ever tried to get a 5 month old to look at a camera after you've just set them on hay surrounded by all kinds of new things!?! haha It's definitely much harder than people make it look. He was fascinated by the hay, and the pumpkins and by some of his facial expressions, let us know that he was annoyed that we were trying to make him stop playing with them. The pictures are still adorable, even if we couldn't really get him to look at us! ha :)

 "ooooh what's this stuff?!"

Sleepy boy 
 I love that smile! I cannot wait for Christmas! :)

Ps. Today happens to be his 6 month Birthday! Happy Birthday, Ryder Man!


Kelley Fry said...

<3 we love you!!! This happens to be my all time favorite blog ever!!! :) I wonder why???
love you so much and I can't wait until Christmas

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Those pictures are beautiful! He is a very cute baby. Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

He is adorable!!! :D