Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florida Update

The past few weeks have been busy. Andrew and I have both had very full schedules and so I have had little time to sit down and blog. Andrew's job working for a large commercial construction company has been an absolute blessing. He is really enjoying the consistent hours, and experience he is getting working for such a big company. I have been working, usually, 4 days a week as a teacher at The First Academy, and I have really enjoyed that as well.

This past weekend we had our first tournament out at Disney. It is one of the biggest we will play in this season, and out of 32 teams, my girls came in 4th! ...not bad for their first time ever playing together. :) I am looking forward to the rest of the season. It has been such a privilege being able to coach these girls. :)

Yesterday's weather report. 70 degrees in Seward, NE and 68 degrees where we are in Windermere, FL. 

One thing we are not very certain about, is how much longer we are going to be able to be down here. Like honestly, what is going on with the weather up north!? I'm beginning to wonder if Al gore was right about global warming! (...just kidding, but seriously.) 70 degrees in Nebraska in January!? What is up with that?!  If this weather keeps up, we are going to have to go back sooner than planned...and neither one of us want that. So, sorry to my friends and family who are loving this strange weather, but Andrew and I are both down here praying that winter hits soon. It's not that we aren't happy for you, but to quote my husband "that is just not right!" :)


Anonymous said...

thats so awesome that you guys got in 4th im happy so for you. i love volleyball i play 2 time a week but i would like to play a whole lot more!! i wish my life was just jesus volleyball and friends ( : haha

Anna B. said...

Ahh! I never thought about Andrew's work with all this warm weather! For both of your sakes I really do hope it gets colder!!! I wouldn't mind some real snow either!!


Anonymous said...

That would be a huge bummer if you had to come back because of the weather! I will pray for snow. :)

Annie said...

Thanks for the update, Kori. Just to reassure you, we are experiencing a big blizzard here in IA. =)


Anonymous said...

theres snow down in pa

Anonymous said...

You mean you don't want to come back and see us?!? :P Lol

~Abi for all