Monday, March 05, 2012

One Year Down, Forever to go

On my own I’m only half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo.

Happy Anniversary, Andrew. I am SO thankful 
 God gave me you! 


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!! God bless you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many happy years together. May God continue to bless you. Love, Uncle J and Aunt D

Lily Marie said...

Seriously...a year already? I must be so old! Seems like yesterday that I was just looking at your new wedding pix and squealing.
But you two...more in love than ever! What a cute picture.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!

Godly-young-widow said...

I LOVE that song! SO true, and I'm so thankful God gave me my husband, even though we didn't have as much time together as we'd planned. But, I'm thankful that we DID live up to our vows. May you two continue to love and cherish each other and not take for granted the time you have together.