Monday, May 14, 2012

Work vacation

We took off driving Friday night with the car pointed west-- our destination? Bridgeport, Nebraska. A tiny little town, at the foot of the Nebraska Sand hills. :)

 Andrew and I started work first thing Saturday morning. The boys were headed out with all of the supplies needed to complete the job, but they would not arrive until 2 or 3 pm. So Andrew (and I helped! :)) started getting the field ready for the irrigation system to be put in. There are so many little things that have to be done before anything can even begin!'s amazing.. my husband is amazing. :)

Once the boys arrived, things went into full swing, and even more so than usual as we were trying to beat the rain that was predicted for later that evening. Around 5:00 pm... this was the scene...

These two pictures
were taken at the same time. One I took out the passenger window, and the other out the driver. It was SO cool to see the storm growing, and getting darker and moving towards us. It was a very bad storm, it had hail, tornado's and 60+mph winds with it. But the Lord was gracious and the storm split down the middle, and basically went around us. (We saw that happen too. Instead of being east and west of us, it was north and south.. and we could SEE it moving around us. So cool. God is good!) We were able to get everything done we needed to that day. :)

Sunday we took the day off... and after devotions and watching my awesome Church online, we set out for some adventure. :) Our original plan was to go somewhere in Wyoming or northern Colorado, but These two rocks were about a mile from us, so we decided to climb them instead, and we are SO glad we did. It was totally amazing.

 The Big one is Courthouse Rock and the smaller on is Jail Rock... we climbed both.

We took on Courthouse rock first.
 Half way up... Jail Rock.
 Stopped for a pictures with my man half way up. :)
 Annddd then we made it to the top.. which had the most incredible view!

 The boys I got to hang out with all weekend. They were such good sports... even when I held them up from being able to scale the rock in 5 minutes. I tried my best to keep up but when I couldn't, they were nothing but supportive... such gentlemen. :)
 This guy makes me feel like I'm on top of that rock Being his wife makes me smile. :)

 There were lots of bumble bee's at the top... but don't worry, they were the friendliest little things. This one just hung out on Matthias' arm for a good 5 minutes. :) (notice the bee of his forearm)

After climbing Courthouse, we climbed Jail rock.. but I didn't bring my phone with me for that one... It was much steeper (If you can't tell from the picture above) and required a lot more actual climbing, but it was loads of fun!

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were full work days. The girls came out to help Monday and Tuesday, and everything was finished by Wednesday evening... Andrew and I were the last to leave on Thursday Afternoon after doing a few last minute things and making sure everything was finished. :)

 Tuesday evening, Andrew, Josiah and I went and climbed Courthouse rock again because Josiah wasn't there to do it with us Sunday. Climbing it at sunset was even more amazing that climbing it the first time.
 You can hardly see it in the pictures, but Chimney Rock is to the very right of the bluffs. It was much bigger in real life.
My God is AWESOME! 

I took so many pictures of the sunsets while we were out there. They were incredible and SO vibrant every night! This was the sunset Wednesday night. I have never seen the sky those colors before. It was so beautiful and lasted for so long. I was reminded of the verses that I shared below. There were so many times over the week that I just stood in awe of my God and His creation. It is truly beautiful.  :)

 "Let all the earth fear the Lord; Let all the inhabitants of the world 
stand in awe of Him. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it 
stood fast."
 Psalms 33:6-9


Esther said...

Wow, unbeleivable! Great Pictures!

Shaylyn said...

What a awesome story about the storm! Those are some beautiful pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome experience! Aunt D

Anonymous said...

awesome:)) thanks for the post.

Dez Hascall said...

My home town is Bridgeport, NE. I grew up there before moving to Minnesota to go to college. My parents live about 5 miles from Courthouse and Jail Rock. My whole family is from there.

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i would love if you posted you and your mother in laws blogs are like the best ones if you post ....:))

Anna B. said...

Ahhhh, LOVE this post! Glad you're able to travel with your man and have such fun while you're at it! Loved the sunsets...completely breath-taking. And someday I'm going to go climbing with you...

iowacowgirl said...

Okay I LOVE this post!!! I'm jealous of your work vacation to western Nebraska! That looks like WAYYYY TO MUCH fun! :) You captured some great photos...thanks for sharing them and your adventure...LOVED IT! :)


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? Long time since you posted.You ok or are you just busy and haven't been able to tell us how your doing?

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures of an awesome couple! Wonderful experience with the storm and all!

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When are you going to update again????!!!!!

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What's up? :)

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I know a lack of posts usually amounts to a full, busy, and abundantly blessed life...but, I'm really missing your posts! Hope you come back soon! =)
A Faithful Blog Reader

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whats up ???