Monday, August 27, 2012


I realized the other day that Andrew and I have not taken a single trip to Florida since we have been married 'just because.' We have taken many trips, but they always have been tied to an event or special occasion. We've never gone solely for the purpose of having a vacation....until now. :) 

We had a WONDERFUL and very relaxing week at home. Our days were mostly spent enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine, spending time with family, and catching up with friends. I personally loved getting to spend every day with my husband... it's not very often that I get to do that. :)

We flew in late friday night. Traditionally, my dad takes me to Starbucks first before going home. But since it was closed by the time we got in, we had to wait until Saturday morning. This is what was awaiting us when we walked in the door from the Starbucks crew. :)
We spent a day over at the beach. Andrew and my brother, Bryce, had a lot of fun taking the paddle boards into the ocean and surfing. They waves were too big for me to even consider trying it... so I sat on the beach and watched the boys. And played frisbee with friends. 

Don't know what a paddle board is?? Well here's the answer to your question! These beautiful things are paddle boards. They are very similar to a surf board, but are longer so you can stand on them and balance. 
Like so... 
My dog is awesome. Like seriously, awesome. Yes, she really will sit on the front of the board and ride around like a happy little puppy. She loves it! I love watching people on boats and jet-skis do double takes, and people on shore point as we paddled by. My dog really is the greatest dog ever. :)

Andrew and I went on a mini trip across lake butler one day.
My genius dad put his iHome speaker system in that little yellow bag with my iPod attached to it. So as we paddled, we could also listen to music! So cool! 
It was hottttttt! So we randomly took breaks in the middle of the lake and thanks to a waterproof digital camera, we could document our trip, even from the water! Technology these days... what will they think of next?
We paddled all the way across the lake to an island just off the opposite shore called, Bird Island. It has a sand bottom almost 20 ft out because of all the boats and people that come there. 

Another break
Many evenings were spent out on the dock with our lines in the water. There's just something relaxing about fishing. 
A summer storm coming across the lake.

"But I trust in Your unfailing love my heart rejoices in Your salvation.
 I will sing the Lord's praise, for He has been good to me."
Psalm 13:5-6


Anonymous said...

LOOKS FUN!!! =)=)
I would love to go to Florida someday!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity.. How much can Andrew bench press?

kamr said...

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