Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Fun

One of my favorite fall memories as a child was doing pumpkin carvings. Carving pumpkins is always looked at as a way of celebrating halloween by putting scary faces and such on it. But it doesn't HAVE to be that way. You can carve whatever you want onto a pumpkins! And in my opinion... they look much better without the faces. :) It came to my attention that my husband had never carved a pumpkin before, since it has always a favorite memory of mine, I wanted to share it with my favorite person! :)

Our first pumpkin we made said "Huskers."

Finished Husker pumpkins! 
We had so much fun doing the first pumpkin... we decided to do 2 more! :)

All ready to be traced! 
Andrew was a pro by the time we got to the last pumpkin! 
Tracing the design
Our handy dandy carving tools! 
After Andrew traced it, I cut it out...
...while he moved on to the next pumpkin! Since we did a husker pumpkin, we thought it was only appropriate to do a Gator one as well. :)
We did this one a little differently, because it it was so detailed, and it would be hard to get it to stay together cut out.

We traced it completely with a knife so that we could take off the top layer.

Finished! :)

That night we put a candle in it. Turned out pretty sweet, huh??! :)
Happy Fall Y'all! :)


Anonymous said...

Such great talent! You never cease to amaze me. Aunt D

Hannah Kilpatrick said...


Anonymous said...

Love your earrings in the first pics! You and Andrew look great together...

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Loving your photography skills, as well. You two make a great, Godly couple!

Anna McDonnell said...

Love the one with your initials on it!
So cute! :)

Amanda said...

Wow! Those are CUTE! I've never carved a pumpkin either! You guys inspire me to try! :)

Anonymous said...

The third to last picture is really cute! :)
The pumpkins looked really neat when they had a candle in them.

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