Saturday, June 03, 2006

Katie's Graduation

Katie Graduated today! At graduation she was awarded with the "Rose Award." I'm really sure why it is the "rose award" because it is something they give to the student that they faculty and staff think was a role model and a great student. It is a little more complex than that, but that's all I remember. :) It was an event filled day. After Graduation, we had Katie's party. It was lots of fun! There were a lot of people there from Katie's class, people from church, family, and many many friends.

Katie's cakes and Diploma. Isn't her cake cute!!!

Katie's Award. And look! It even explains what the award means! :)

Daniel signing Katie's picture

Kaitlyn and Lindsey

The theme of the party was something that had to do with Oriental stuff because everything was Chinese! There were fortune cookies everywhere! (I don't think I've ever eaten so many.) There were so many that Lindsey and I were playing air hockey with them! :) It was lots of fun!

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Bethany said...

Congrats to Katie! It is so fun to see all the pictures, Kori -- keep it up!

And we all can't wait to see you soon! :D