Thursday, July 06, 2006

Home Sweet... Nebraska

I just got back from Nebraska late last night. I had a ton of fun!!! I miss it alot and I can't wait to go back! Here are alot of random pictures of my trip...

Alaythia and I

I got to go mudding for the first time! It was more fun than I expected! Daniel was a crazy driver! We went in a little pond in our pasture. My dad and Uncle also made a big mud whole in one of the old cow pins! It was really big-- I never got to go in that though.
Daniel and Bryce muddin' in the pasture

I Just love Nathanael's face :)

Silly FredPainting with Light pictures! How Cool!!!!!

(Bethany is a Genius! --Bryce)

Hmm it is not letting me upload anymore pictures so I'll put some more up later!! :) I have lots!


Bethany said...

What fun to see all the pictures! Glad you had a safe trip home, though we sure miss you up here! (sniff, sniff) Love ya!

The Wissmann Family said...

Great pictures, Kori! Can't wait to see more! We'll be sending you a disk of our collection soon -- but I think you got even more than we did! We miss having you around here and look forward to whenever it works to get together again.

God bless you!!!
Love and hugs --- Rachel