Saturday, July 08, 2006

More Nebraska! :)

We got to spend alot of time with the Wissmann's while we were in Nebraska. We had to take advantage of our short time together and get in as many activites as possible! :)

I got to do something else I had never done before... Josiah took us flying! It was so neat! I have flown before in a big airplane but it is nothing like this! We flew over our house in Seward and our farm too! It was really cool!
Daniel and I
Our Farm from the air!

On our trip back home to Florida we had to fly to Minneapolis where we had a 6 hour lay over. This gave us enough time to go visit the Mall of America! It was ridiciously huge! It is 4 stories high, but there is nothing on the 4th floor! AND an amusement park in the middle!!!... like I said-- ridicioulsy huge! :) It was still really neat to walk around!

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