Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gainesville Tournament

We got home from Gainesville really late last night after we played the Championship game! Which we won! :) I had lots of fun but I am glad to be home! Here are some pictures from this week!

We were able to tour and practice at the University of Florida's practice facility!

This is the theater room where they watch film on other teams and prepare for games! It just so happens that they were playing Nebraska the day we were there!

Because the Gators are playing in the National Championship they are still practicing, so one day we went down to the field and got to take pictures with some of the players!

The Team with Michael and Butchie, both of them graduated from TFA and played for our Football team!

The Starting Quarterback Chris Leak!!!!

The other quarterback, Tim Tebow!

We defiantly had a tough week. Many of us were battling sickness and we lost 2 girls to serious injuries in the 3rd game. One of our girls hit her head hard on the floor after being pushed going up for a layup and got a concussion and is out for a week or so. And another one was rushed to the hospital after the game because she was so dehyrated. After being hooked up to an IV for a couple of ours she was okay, but she was only able to play limited minutes in the next game. We won the Championship game and now we get to take the last few days of our break off to heal ourselves :)


Andrew said...

That's cool that you got to take your pictures with the Florida players --- but they're gunna get beat! :)
Oh, and congrats on the win

Rachel said...

Hi Kori! We're drivin' down the road here in Nebraska just checkin' in on ya! You'll never believe our landscape here -- lots of snow! It started coming down this morning, and we have quite a bit by now. Fun fun!

Great pictures, by the way. It's fun to 'see' you more often than twice a year! [smile]