Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Basketball Season!!!

Wow it's been a long time! I have been so busy lately with basketball and school that I haven't had anytime to blog! School is slowing coming to an end though! This week is exam week then we are out until next year! :) Here's a little basketball update and our schedule for the next couple weeks :)...

The whole month of December is pretty much dominated by basketball. Last weekend the JV girls and boys and the Varsity girls and boys were all in Tallahassee. We left Friday morning and all 4 teams played Florida High Friday night. Saturday we played North Florida Christian School(the team we beat in the State Championship game) and the boys played Maclay High School. We won both games, but the boys unfortunatly lost both. They were both very close games though! Sunday morning we all went to Church at North Florida Baptist Church. We planned to leave right after church but were delayed when our bus wouldn't start! We were stuck for about 3 1/2 hours before someone fixed the bus! Thankfully the Church let us stay in one of the building while we were waiting. We had pizza and played games while we waited for the bus to be fixed!

We leave for Phoenix, Arizona for the Nike Tournament of Champions next Sunday morning! We have been working since last year to raise money for this trip and we are excited that it is finally here! This past week our team was ranked 5th in the Nation for girls basketball by Sports Illuistrated Magazine! We are very excited about that and very honored as well! The Lord has blessed our team greatly over the past couple years and it has been such a fun expirence being apart of this team.

We get home from Phoenix December 22nd are home for Christmas then head our again the 26th for another tournament in Gainesville, Florida! (I told you December was dominated by basketball!)

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