Thursday, May 10, 2007

1 more day...

I cannot believe tomorrow is my last day of high school... I just can't believe it. This week couldn't have gone any slower, but I am glad that it has been slow. I've been able to cherish the last few days I have with these people that I am going to miss so much!

Yesterday we had a fun day! During my History class my teacher took us out to watch the testing of the physics classes go-kart! They had to do it for a project and had to test it to see what kind of grade they got! It was really cool! It ran well and was actually pretty fast! Our head-master, Mr. Witaker drove out on a golf cart to watch, and as soon as he got up to go watch it was taken over by a few girls that wanted to sit and watch.

Well after the class tested it, they decided to let Mr. Witaker drive it! He told the girls to come race him with the golf cart! It was so funny! Mr. Witaker beat them by pretty badly in the go-kart!

We also got to have ice cream with the Kindergarteners yesterday! That was a blast! It was fun to sit down and talk to them and listen to their stories--they say the cutest things!
Today was our last day of our Tuesday-Thursday classes! We had so much fun! We got in groups and did scenes from Hamlet!
He died

them too :)
Last english class

It's been a week of 'lasts'. Today was our last lunch in our lunchroom! All the girls on my basketball team sit together, and we have sat together at the same table since my 10th grade year! Oh it was so sad leaving our table!

Our table with Coach Ruta!
To make a long story short-- We can't leave the lunch room until we are dismissed by a teacher, and so we always wait until Coach Ruta comes and dismisses us! Which usually makes us the last ones out of the lunch room!

ahhh! I have 1 day of school left! I can't believe it!

" strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!"
Joshua 1:9

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Ginger said...

Hey Kori,
How was your last day of school? A place called home and Song for silas are two great books. I like A Place Called Home better but they are both good.
Have a graet graduation!