Saturday, May 12, 2007

Senior Prank :)

Yesterday was my last day of school!!! It was so much fun! We got out at 11:30 for off-campus lunch, and we didn't have to go back after because they were having an awards ceremony for the underclassmen. So we were done with school at 11:30! After lunch we came back, while they were all in the awards ceremony, and pulled our Senior-Prank! :)
In the past the seniors have always gone a little too far and pretty much vandalized something at the school. We saw how much trouble the seniors last year got in when they painted a big '06 in the courtyard, so we decided to do something that didn't involve paint, or anything that could get us in a lot of trouble!

We took the licence plates off the cars of all the Juniors, and took them out to the football field. But we did is smartly! :) We thought about what we would do if someone did that to us, and we decided to write down all the tag numbers, whose car, and what color--just in case they didn't know their tag number!We wrote "08 where's your licence plate?" all over the parking lot in chalk! We wanted to make sure they saw it because we didn't want anyone driving off with no licence plate! We also drew pictures of a football field, footballs, and a field goal to give them a hint of where they could find their licence plates.

We took the list of tag numbers and made 100 copies of it, went and put them all over the locker room. We taped them on lockers, on the walls, and just put them everywhere so they would see them!

We took the plates out the the football field and put them in a big '07 on the track.

Someone just happened to have a pack of 100 water balloons in their car! haha And we had about 45 minutes until they got out of school so we started filling up the water balloons! We put some water in an empty trash can and put them all in there--which made it even funnier when all the Juniors came to get there tags because they had to clue there were water balloons in the trash can!
A junior looking for his license plate
Notice the water spots from the water balloons :)

I can't believe its over, but I'm glad the day ended like it did. We had so much fun! Ahh I'm graduating in 6 days! I have no school left and I don't have to take any exams! Where did the time go?Class of 2007


micah noel said...

Sure sounds like fun! It is great that you were so careful and thoughtful not to do something really damaging. :)

Kris said...

That sounds like so much fun, and every creative! We really don't get to do anything like that! but we are out in 5 days! yippee!