Monday, July 16, 2007

Bryce's Trip to the Dominican Republic

While I was in Nebraska... Bryce was in the Dominican Republic. He came back with so many great stories and tales of all the things they did. I defiantly think it was a real eye-opening experience for him. He said his favorite thing was going into the different villages and trying to communicate with the people. The kids would just crowd around them and hug them and do anything they could to be on camera!One of the many things they did was hunt tarantulas! EWWW! They would go out in the jungle with a spear looking stick and when they found one, they stabbed it with the stick and then brought it back and roasted it over a fire. No they didn't eat it, but I guess that is just how you kill a tarantula in the Dominican Republic! :)

Something I thought was cool was the way they gave them water! Bryce brought back the "water pouch" they gave them to drink! Its just a bag of water, and to drink it you had to cut the corner off. He said they had water bottles, but they were expensive, and the water pouches were free.
hmmm did they really work? or did they just spend all their time here!! Looks real tough!!! :) They did get to enjoy a day on the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic!

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