Friday, July 13, 2007


It's taken me a few days to sort through all my pictures.. trying to figure out which ones to post! I've been so busy since I got home, but I had the greatest time in Nebraska! Seriously, the time flew too fast! I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back!! (very soon!!) Anyways... Pictures are better then words... so here are lots of pictures from my trip!The 4th of July is always a highlight! This year Bethany, Angela and Mr. Rehm were all in the bubble gum blowing contest! It was so fun to watch them! Mr. Rehm and Angela both were in the finals, but if Bethany and Angela had not been in the same semi-final, I think all 3 of them could have been in the finals!

The day of the 4th was very long, but fun! I didn't run in the race this year, but I still went to cheer on all the runners! So my day started at 7 am! I walked around town a little bit and looked at all the booths--there are so many neat little things! I went to the Water Fight, which is always a "cool"experience! :) And, of course, the Wissmann's concert at the Civic Center! Right after the Wissmann's it was time for the parade! So we all stood on the corner and watched!
The fireworks were at 10, so we played a little ultimate Frisbee until then! The park was beautiful! It was still hot, but there was a nice breeze that made it very enjoyable to watch the fireworks!
Water balloon fights are always a must! And on a hot summer day, the water feels so-o-o good!
This was a trip filled with many "firsts" One day my grandpa took me out to our farm and I got to see the beans get sprayed by a plane! That was so cool!
And while I'm on the subject of beans... I went rouging! That was defiantly something I'd never done! But I actually thought it was fun! :) It was something I'd never done before! (You don't really have theopportunity to ever go rouging in Florida!) Honestly I'd never heard of it! :) But It was fun and I enjoyed the experience ! I also went milking one night! And yes-- I actually helped! Well.. kinda! :) I don't think I was much of a help, but I did do a little bit :)

I got to spend a lot of time with the Wissmanns while I was there! There is always something fun going on when your with the Wissmanns! :) All the "firsts" I experienced were because they forced me to do them! :) NOO I'm just kidding! They didn't force me to do anything! But I got to do those things because they let me tag along! :) Thank you guys!!
Another "first" was going swimming in Lake Pawnee! All the years that I've gone to Nebraska, going swimming in a lake had never crossed my mind! I didn't even know a lake existed in Nebraska! haha It was so much fun, and defiantly different from the lakes here in Florida! There was no sand at the bottom, just mud! haha I was kind of grossed out at first, but I got used to it very quickly and by the end of the day I didn't even notice it! :)

Our last night was a late one! :) Well.. most nights were late, but the last one was really late! (or should I say early?!) We talked for a while on the porch after supper, and then started playing games! We played Ultimate Uno, 4 of a couch, Alaythia and I finally finished our marathon game of Ace--we played the same game almost all day-- and Occupational charades. Occupational charades was the funniest thing ever! My camera died within the first minute and a half of the Sumo Wrestler act! I was so bummed! But just trust me... it was HILARIOUS!!

Kaitlyn loved this picture, so I thought I'd post it! :) This was while playing 4 on a couch! Everyone is in their own little world lol... The last day we got to make jewelry for Bethany's Birthday! :) It was so much fun!

I'd like to say a special 'Thank you' to Kaitlyn for coming up with me this summer! It was so much fun flying with you and I really enjoyed it! I hope you had as much fun as I did! :) And to the Wissmanns for having me over so much and for all the Nebraska things ya'll dragged me into! :) Love ya'll!!


Doogie J. said...

Kori, glad you had a great trip (looks like a lot of fun). Welcome back to Florida heat and rain.

Anonymous said...

I Love to hang with my Friends!! It looks like you had a fun time.

Rachel said...

Oh Kori! Thanks so much for coming up -- and for being such a good sport with all we dragged you into! :D What a blast! We still can't drive by a field of beans without a hearty, "Beans Forever"! And you were a great help at the dairy! If the guys are busy, I'd bet you and I could do a decent job of filling in, don't you think!?

Wondeful pictures -- so so so much FUN! Can't wait to see you again!

Love and hugs!!

gandelr said...

well nebraska has one less flower now
glad you made it home safe and will save a waterballoon for you

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun!! Thank's for bringing me Kori!

Bethany said...

As nice as it is having a sister that one is similiar with...we end up taking eachothers words! I sat down to comment, and typed "Oh Kori!" Only to look over and see that Rachel started her comment that exact same way. So now I have to be a little more original I guess... :D

Yo Kori!
Nope, don't like that. Ummmm....

Hey Kori!
Naw...that's not right either....

KORI!!!! (much, much better!) It was soooooo much fun having you come up! I'm so glad you could, and you pitched into everything like you were an old pro at it! Such fun memories, and I'm looking forward to making more this fall sometime! Can't wait! :D

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