Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year... here are a few pictures from Christmas eve and Christmas day with our family! :)
How adorable is my dog!?! I love her!
My family

We were so excited to have Katie's fiance, Andrew with us this year for Christmas!
This picture makes me laugh-- never a dull moment in my family! hahaha
We did something a little different this year, and had a fun little game before our real gift exchange. It was a white elephant gift exchange. And the hot item was the snuggie!! It got stolen numerous times!
Katie ended up with the snuggie, only because her Andrew stole it from someone for her!
Kelley's singing flower pot!
Grandpa and Grandma
Each year we all sit in the same spots-- No body has ever noticed it until this year when we had an extra person that we had to find a seat for!

Christmas morning-- of course we had to stop at starbucks on the way to Grandma and PopPop's! You know your dad goes to Starbucks too much, when he walks in, gets free coffee and is given multiple Christmas gifts from the people working there!

These are my Christmas socks. Given to me by the one and only-- Andrew Wissmann! During the Wissmann family Christmas, we played bingo and there were lots of fun prizes. And my man won me these socks! He's the BEST! :)
Christmas with the Fulmer side on Christmas Day
Cousin Shelby and her skateboard. And Dad with his Starbucks.

Mom's side of the family.

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
which is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11


Noella said...

Hey Kori!

My mom got a snuggie for our family's Christmas white-elephant gift exchange too! How crazy is that!?!?!?!

Oh yeah; what's your middle name and when is your birthday?
My birthday's in June and I'm sixteen yrs.

--A New Koris-Blog Lurker

Anonymous said...

your dog is cute,cute, it a lab?

Anonymous said...

your dog is ADORABLE!!!!!! your adorable yourself =) you have a very cute family!