Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Wonderland Wedding

This year I got to expirence REAL winter-- Never in my life have I been in such cold temperatures. Going from the upper 80s to single digit temperatures was pretty shocking, but I loved it! I loved waking up every morning and looking out the window and seeing everything covered in white and I loved playing in the snow! And I was so glad that I was able to be at Dan and Bethany's wedding. It was so beautiful, and Bethany was the most beautiful Bride I have ever seen!! :)We hooked up a sled behind Andrew's jeep and pulled it around. I didn't try it, but it looked fun and I enjoyed watching everyone go!
The Wissmann's put on their Branson show at the Seward high school one night.
My Hillbilly! :)

It was bitter-sweet, as it was Bethany's last show as a Wissmann!
Friday and Saturday were full of wedding festivities! Decorating, and last minute errands, picking up cakes, taking cakes back, decorating more wedding rehearsal, rehearsal supper. Wake up early to get hair done, wedding picture, then finally the WEDDING and reception. Andrew and I got to serve punch at the reception. It was alot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to meet lots of friends and family-- and the company wasn't half bad either! ;)

Bethany was an absolutely gorgeous bride!!

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Kenna said...

She was a beautiful bride! Loved looking at the pictures!