Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bridal Showers

This past weekend, I had my first bridal showers! And they were both SO much fun! Andrew family threw us a pampered chef shower, and Andrew's church threw us a very fun, husker themed shower. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking... :)

The pampered chef shower was in Andrews home town of Milford. 

We put together a game with questions about Andrew and I, and the options of "Andrew, Kori, Both or Neither" for the answers. It was fun to see how everybody answered the questions

We made some sort of fresh pineapple torte? I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was good! And the pineapple was fresh from Hawaii! Yes, it was brought from Hawaii that day by our wonderful pampered chef consultant, Mandi. She and her husband had just returned from a mission trip.

As Andrew and I were cooking, Rachel asked us questions about ourselves, most memorable moments, how we met, etc....

TA DA! :)
The finished display! :)

We are so thankful for everyone who came to our pampered chef shower. It was a very fun evening and we are beyond excited to set up our kitchen with our new pampered chef items! :)

Anna Beasley, a friend from Andrew's church threw us a husker themed shower. :) Being from Florida, I am a BIG Florida Gator fan! So, she thought it'd be good to welcome me into the Husker family! :)

How well do you know Andrew and I?! 
After answering some questions that Anna asked Andrew, to get the 'prizes' I had to shoot different types of sports balls in to something. Like a basketball into a laundry basket.
a baseball into a jar! 

a golf ball into an empty coke box.
Soccer ball into a laundry basket.
Ping pong ball into a cup
Football into a laundry basket
And had to pass a ball into the laundry basket.

It was a very fun, and creative game! I missed quite a few of them, but luckily I got second chances for those! :)
The guest book
Liz Williams shared the devotional. She did a great job of incorporating the theme into it. She said that God is our coach. And my whole life my dad has been my quarter back, and he is a seasoned well-experienced quarter back. But now, I am switching to a rookie quarter back in Andrew, and while he is good, he is a rookie and will make mistakes. I really appreciated what she shared.
Another game-- How many miles exactly are between our houses?!

At the end of the shower, I got the best surprise of all-- ANDREW! My mom and I flew in that morning, but because Andrew was working, he wasn't able to pick me up so I hadn't seen him at all since I had gotten there. He showed up around 9:30 pm just as the shower was getting over, with a dozen roses. I was SO excited to see him! He is just wonderful, isn't he?! :)
Thank you so much, Anna and Beasley family! <3

We are so deeply thankful for the love and support of our friends and family. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. :)

For more pictures and a much better summary of the husker shower visit here. :) Mrs. Grady did a great job writing about all the details of the shower and they got some really fun pictures.


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Your new header is beautiful!

The bridal showers looked fun :)

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Oh! The showers looked like so much fun! and cool blog header!

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your so lucky you get to marry a wissmann

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@ Anonymous...Hahahahahaha!!! :)

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Andrew is the lucky one he gets to marry a Knuth

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It is definitely time for an update. Please try to keep up with your blog. Will there be any posts about wedding details or preparations? Don't forget about your blog readers.

Happy Holidays !

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