Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Branson in Pictures! :)

I spent a week in Branson this month. My whole family was able to go, and it was really fun to be able to spend a few days with my family, and Andrews family together. We were able to see several shows, and go to Silver Dollar City! I have SO many pictures! But here are just a few from my week there! Enjoy.

 Two of my favorite guys! 

 My bigger little Brother! :)
I get to marry him. :)
 My FAVORITE show in Branson! 

 Branson Landing
Did you know, that if the "hot now" sign is on at Krispy Kreme, you can walk in and get a FREE donut?! Yeah, I didn't either. As if my trip to Branson wasn't already awesome enough, I discovered this wonderful fact! :)

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Anonymous said...

Finally an update! I agree with you on the show. It was amazing! I was so glad they did it in Seward so that I could see it. Merry Christmas!