Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Wizard of Oz

Our school this year did the Wizard of Oz as the play. I went to go see it last night! Normally school plays aren't that great, but you go to see them to show support to your friends in it. Well, this play was amazing! I have never seen such a good play put on by our school. I absolutely loved it! A girl that came from New Orleans this year after the hurricane, named Ariel, played Dorothy. Her singing voice was amazing and I could probably listen to her sing for hour. I also thought it was cute because she is a short little black girl, and you usually picture Dorothy as a white girl with blondish reddish hair, so I thought the change in the Character of Dorothy was cute. They used a live dog, and brought in professional make up artist to do the makeup of the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion. Unfortunately my digital camera broke and so I haven't been able to take pictures! So I guess you'll have to just imagine the amazingness (if that's even a word) of their makeup and of the show!

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