Saturday, May 20, 2006

Graduation weekend

It's been a busy weekend with graduation Friday night we had the actual Graduation Ceremony and dinner. It was so much fun! We had dinner before the ceremony in Faith Hall, and then we went over to the Church and had the service. It was wonderful, they had 4 senior girls sing a song to their class, and they had the kindergarteners sing to them as well, it was adorable. My class had to sit on the side so I didn't get very good pictures of the people on the stage and the seniors walking across to receive their diplomas. My school has a tradition where the graduating seniors light a candle of a rising senior. It represents handing over the responsibilities of being a senior and being the example of the school. I think its pretty neat. So my class had to sit together on the side so we could all walk up together when it was time. Our head master challenged us and told us all of the responsibilities of being a senior. Then when it was all over we had time to visit with everyone and talk to the graduated seniors.

Ashley and I
I'm going to miss her :(

Christina and I
My Favorite Cuban

BB and I

Today we had graduation parties! Two girls that play on my basketball team had their party at our lake house. My family was out there for most of the day. It was a lot of fun, we went tubing and had a big barbecue. It was a beautiful day too!

I was trying out the "bright beach scene" mode on my camera

oh yeah and did I mention... I'm offically a SENIOR!!!
(how wierd is that?)

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