Friday, May 12, 2006

Sneak Day!!!

Today was 5th grade Sneak Day! It was at my friend Lauren's house because her sister is in 5th grade. They live on the lake and they have a great set up for it, so they hosted it. None of the 5th graders knew it was today and they were totally surprised! Lauren and I got to stay home from school and help life guard, but by the end of the day none of them wanted to swim anymore and they just wanted to do the awesome blow-up slides and so Lauren and I got to do them too!!!

It ended up getting really really muddy because there was so much water, so the kids ended up going on the slide backwards and sliding into the mud! I never did that but I got plenty of the mud and grass on me when I was on the slide. They boys would slide into the mud and then just get up and run and slide back through it, so it got pretty messy.

Lauren sliding on her feet!

and falling

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