Thursday, April 12, 2007

Senior Sidewalks

Today we made our Senior sidewalks! It is a tradition at our school for each Senior class to make sidewalks. We each get our own square to decorate it however we like! It was so much fun! It was much more challenging then I thought it would be! I started over at least 3 times! And seeing how I am not very artistically gifted, that wasn't a good thing!

Jaimie, Krystal, Tierra and I did our squares together.

After we finished our individual squares, we all had to sign a big one! One of the boys drew a class of '07 in the middle! And notice the '07 is made with hands! Isn't that cool!!!
My finished product

Here's a look at some other people's squares!

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Anonymous said...

How cool! They look really good, I like the one with the happy face!